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10 September, 2014

We love books and vintage publications ourselves so we have a great interest in the products we sell. Our products include vintage motorcycle manuals (many with lovely retro pictures) to how-to books including cooking and cookery books (including wartime cooking) , blacksmithing books, embroidery books, knitting books, weldingbooks, automotive books and many other genres of books. We also have some fiction and chidren's fiction as well as picture collections and many books on hobbies in general. There are not many genres of books we don't have and we are always adding more to our collection of products for sale. We also have vintage music manuals for various vintage musical instruments as well as some collections of books on how to play some of the different musical instruments including how to play the piano, guitar and harp. We also sell collections of gardening and fruit and vegetable gardening books. Check back frequently to see what's new and you'll always find something of interest.
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