Aquariums, aquarium fish & fish breeding 20 Books on CD


The ultimate guide to aquariums & aquarium fish - 20 books on CD

Now YOU can learn about how to manage a home aquarium and how to care for all types of aquarium fish
with this amazing collection of 20 Ebooks on CD.

This EBook collection contains 100's of pages of information about all aspects of aquariums and aquarium fish including detailed
illustrations. The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries.

This ebook collection covers topics including:

  • Types of aquariums (eg  saltwater, freshwater, tropical etc)
  • Aquarium equipment and accessories 
  • Fish types (including tropical fish)
  • Fish breeding and management
  • Fish health and fish diseases
Just look at what you get in this great collection:

Book 1. The aquarium; its inhabitants, structure and management  (349 pages)

Book 2. The freshwater aquarium and its inhabitants; a guide for the amateur aquarist (376 pages)

Book 3. The fresh and salt-water aquarium (245 pages)

Book 4. A handbook to the marine aquarium : containing practical instructions for constructing, stocking, and maintaining a tank, and for collecting plants and animals (89 pages)

Book 5. Amateur fish culture (124 pages)

Book 6. Fish-culture: a practical guide to the modern system of breeding and rearing fish (301 pages)

Book 7. Goldfish breeds and other aquarium fishes, their care and propagation : a guide to freshwater and marine aquaria, their fauna, flora and management (406 pages)

Book 8. Goldfish varieties and tropical aquarium fishes; a complete guide to aquaria and related subjects (268 pages)

Book 9. The book of the aquarium and water cabinet (200 pages)

Book 10. The care of home aquaria (76 pages)

Plus if you order now you will also receive
10 bonus surprise ebooks!

These bonus ebooks contain 100’s more pages on
all aspects of aquariums and aquarium fish.

That's a total of 20 ebooks.


  • All our books come with a printed disk
  • Your order will be posted within 24-48 hours of payment being received.
  • The Ebooks will be sent to you on a computer CD.
  • All of the Ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
  • You will need a PDF reader to view the Ebooks
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from
  • If you want more information about the Ebooks then please contact us


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