Automotive Mechanic Repair Car Vehicle Engine 70 manuals & books on DVD


70 Auto Mechanic DIY Training Manuals and Books on Automotive repair and vehicle information books on DVD

This is a fantastic collection of 70 automotive mechanic training guides and manuals and books about maintaining and repairing automobiles on DVD disk. All the books are in digital format for viewing on your computer. Some of the manuals are written by experts from the US government and contain 100's of pages of information, diagrams and pictures on many topics in automotive mechanics. The remaining books are Classic automotive books from the 1800's and early 1900's. You will receive these ebooks on a DVD disc.

In this amazing pack you will receive the following 30 automotive ebooks plus you will receive 40 bonus books on Automotive subjects such as ignition, mechanics etc:

A Dictionary of Automobile Terms (1918) – By: Albert L. Clough  ( 370 pages )

Automobile Laboratory Manual: Projects for the Study of Engines, Carburetors,Adjustment and Repair (1922) – By: Frederick F. Good  ( 209 pages )

Audels Gas Engine Manual: A Practical Treatise (1907)  ( 539 pages )

Automobile Construction and Repair: A Practical Guide to the Design, Construction, and Repair of Automobile Mechanisms (1918) – By: Morris A. Hall  ( 745 pages )

Automobile Driving Self-Taught: An Exhaustive on the Operation, Management andCare of Motor Cars (1916) – By: Thomas H. Russell  ( 264 pages )

Automobile Wiring Diagrams – By: American Bureau of Engineering ( 238 pages )

Automobile Ignition, Starting, and Lighting (1917) – By: Charles B. Hayward ( 895 pages )

Automobile Troubles and How to Remedy Them (1909) – By: Charles P. Root ( 233 pages)

Automobile Troubles and How to Remedy Them: A Practical book for the Automobile Owner, Operator, Dealer, Builder, Salesman, Experimenter and Student of Mechanical Achievements. (1911) – By: Charles P. Root  ( 264 pages )

Construction and Manufacture of Automobiles (1912) – By: Ralph E. Flanders ( 56 pages )

Construction Mechanic Basic, Volume 1 (312 pages)

Construction Mechanic Basic, Volume 2 (441 pages)

Construction Mechanic, Advanced (414 pages)

Dyke’s Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia (1920) – By: A.L. Dyke ( 993 pages )

Electrical System Component Repair (254 pages)

Horseless Vehicles Automobiles Motor Cycles Operated By Steam, Hydro-Carbon,

Electric and Pneumatic Motors (1900) – By: Gardner D. Hiscox ( 488 pages )

Engelman’s Autocraft: Being and Instructive Study of the Automobile; Its Care and Management; How to Drive; Locating Troubles and Repairing Them; With Chapters Exploiting Some of the Latest Devices Used in Automobile Construction (1914) – By: Roy A. Engelman  ( 256 pages )

Electrical Systems and Mechanisms, Their Construction, Operation,Automobile Starting, Lighting, and Ignitions (1919) – By: Victor W. Page ( 575 pages )

Fundamentals of Machine Tools (310 pages)

Gasoline Engines Their Operation, Use and Care (1912) – BY: A. Hyatt Verrill ( 321 pages )

Ignition, Timing and Valve Setting: A Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Self-Instruction for Automobile Owners, Operators, Repairmen, and All Interested in

Ignition, Valve Timing and Automobile Electric Systems: The Ford Ignition System and Its Adjustment (1920) – By: John B. Rathbun  ( 249 pages )

Introduction to High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (59 pages)

Introduction to Wheeled Vehicles (60 pages)

Lathe Operations (140 pages)

Lee’s American Automobile Manual: A Handbook for all Interested in Horseless Vehicles (1902) – By: Alfred B. Chambers ( 287 pages )

Machines, Tools, and Methods of Automobile Manufacture (1910)  ( 56 pages )

Metal Body Repair (108 pages)

Milling Machine Operations (81 pages)

Modern Methods of Ford Repairing (1920) – by: J. Howard Pile ( 264 pages )

Motor Truck and Automobile Motors and Mechanism (1917)  - By: Thomas H. Russell ( 246 pages )

What fantastic value!

PLUS you will receive another 40 books on mechanics and automotive subjects

which makes a total of 70 manuals and books on DVD disk.

Puchase your copy of this digital Library of Automotive books today!


    * The Ebooks will be sent to you on a computer CD.
All Ebooks come with a printed face.
    * All of the Ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
    * You will need a PDF reader to view the Ebooks
    * Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from
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