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23 Blacksmithing Steelwork and Design Books on CD

This collection of books and catalogs is about ornamental, decorative steel and iron work.

Information about hand forging and artistic blacksmithing (artsmithing), design books and catalogs that showcase examples of ironwork designs ranging from basic to more elaborate designs. There are hundreds of pages of informaion including detailed illustration and photos from books from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Four of the books in this collection are in languages other than English and have been included because they have
wonderful patterns and artwork you can use in designs.

Many designs for artistic blacksmithing projects are included in these books. Some of the designs covered include designs for the following objects in iron and steel:

*Fences and gates and grills
*Wall brackets, candelabras and candlesticks
*Lanterns, chandeliers and coronas
*Hanging signs, washstands and flower stands
*Locks and keys
*Fountains and gargoyles
*Hinges and mountings
*Rosettes and vases
*Other designs (too many too mention)

This collection includes

Book 1. A handbook of art smithing, 1896 ~ 232 pages)

Book 2. Architectural wrought iron ancient and modern, 1888 ~ 122 pages
Book 3 English ironwork, 1911 ~ 560 pages
Book 4. Hand forging and wrought iron ornamental work, 1911 ~ 208 pages
Book 5. Ornamental wrought iron picket and combination iron, 1910 ~ 172 pages
Book 6. Ornaments of the XVth and XVIth centuries , 1836 ~ 216 pages
Book 7. Il Ferro Italiana [Italian iron work book], 1900 ~ 336 pages
Book 8. Iron Fence and Manufacturing catalog , 1890 ~ 52 pages
Book 9. Architectural bronze and iron, 1913  ~ 106 pages
Book 10. Bent ironwork, 1895 ~ 64 pages
Book 11. A practical workshop companion for tin, sheet iron, and copper plate workers, 1866 ~ 215 pages
Book 12. Venetian ironwork, 1893 ~ 36 pages
Plus you will also receive 11 more books and catalogs.

These 23 books contain 100’s more pages of information including detailed illustrations.

You will receive 23 books and catalogues on a CD disk in a cd case posted out in a CD mailer

These books and catalogues are supplied in PDF format on a CD disk (these are digitally supplied books on disk readable using Adobe and Foxit readers which are free to download from the internet).


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