Blacksmith Blacksmithing steel work 40 books on 2 CDS


Blacksmithing and steel work books
Huge collection on 2 CD-ROM Discs

Now  YOU can learn the techniques of blacksmithing and steel work from the comfort of
your own home with this amazing collection of 40 blacksmithing and steel work books on CD.

This EBook collection includes 100's of pages of information about all aspects of blacksmithing and steel work and includes detailed diagrams and illustrations. The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries.

You will receive the 40 books on 2 CD-ROM DISCS.

Just look at what you get in this great collection:

  Book 1.  The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel (559 pages)

Book 2. Practical Blacksmithing Vol 1 (276 pages)

Book 3. Practical Blacksmithing Vol 2 (269 pages)

Book 4. Practical Blacksmithing Vol 3 (328 pages)

Book 5. Practical Blacksmithing Vol 4 (298 pages)

Book 6. The Construction of Wrought Iron Bridges (343 pages)

Book 7. A Practical Guide to Iron and Steel Works Analyses (204 pages)

Book 8. Dinanderie:A History and Description of Mediaeval Art Work in Copper, Brass and Bronze (356 pages)

Book 9. The Value of Science in the Smithy and Forge (189 pages)

Book 10. Forge Work (235 pages)

Book 11. Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting (201 pages)

Book 12. Modern Blacksmithing (217 pages)

Book13. The Mechanician (608 pages)

Book 14. Forge-Practice and Heat Treatment of Steel (441 pages)

Book15. The treatment of steel (73 pages)

Book 16. A Textbook of Elementary Forging Practice (168 pages)

Book 17. A Manual of Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Wrought Iron (152 pages)

Book18. Pocket Companion of Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Wrought Iron (206 pages)

Book 19. Electric Welding (429 pages)

Book 20. Bolt, Nut and Rivet Forging (52 pages)

Book 21. Hardening, Tempering, Annealing & Forging of Steel (309 pages)

Book 22. Machine Molding (684 pages)

Book 23. Machine Blacksmithing (56 pages)

Book 24. Blacksmith Shop Practice Manual (48 pages)

Book 25. Architectural Wrought-Iron: Ancient & Modern (123 pages)

Book 26. Net Price List of Iron and Steel (252 pages)

Book 27. Drop forging of steel (376 pages)

Book 28. Farm Blacksmithing – A manual (108 pages)

Book 29. Farm Blacksmithing – A Text book (105 pages)

Book 30. Forgecraft (200 pages)

What fantastic value!

Plus if you order now you will receive 10 surprise bonus ebooks on blacksmithing and steel work.

These bonus ebooks contain 100’s more pages of information on blacksmithing and steel work including detailed diagrams and illustrations.

That’s a total of 40 ebooks.

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