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Build & Repair Vintage Carriage, Coach, Wagon:

40 Books, Catalogs on CD

This is a collection of vintage carriage/coach/wagon building and painting books and catalogs and carriage history books on CD. The ebooks are copies of the original books written in the early 18th and 19th centuries. The ebooks contain 1000's of pages of information including illustrations and diagrams.

The ebooks contain information on all aspects of carriage building and carriage painting. Also included in this collection are some vintage carriage parts catalogs, carriage builder's catalogs (these contain many illustrations of different carriage styles) and trade directories that are helpful to carriage builders.

You will receive the following ebooks on CD (PDF format).

1. The coach maker's handbook (456 pages)

2. A practical treatise on coach building, historical and descriptive (258 pages)

3. The carriage maker's and painter's guide (62 pages)

4. The New York coach maker's magazine (412 pages)

5. George Gillies' Illustrated catalogue and price list of carriage hardware, drop forgings, bolts, nuts, etc (92 pages)

6. Carriage painting (172 pages)

7. Practical house, wagon and automobile painter (176 pages)

8. Barlow Co's Wholesale iron & steel blacksmith supplies catalogue: carriages & wagons (252 pages)

9. The manufacture of steel: a handbook for blacksmiths and workers in steel and iron, wagon-makers, die sinkers, cutlers etc (242 pages)

10.  James Bailey Co. Illustrated and descriptive catalog of saddlery, carriage and sleigh trimmings, general store supplies (176 pages)

11. Watertown Carriage Co. catalogue (90 pages)

12. American carriage directory (616 pages)

13. The carriage painter's companion (144 pages)

14. The complete carriage and wagon painter  (196 pages)

15. The Murphy ABC system of carriage painting (56 pages)

16. Munro & Mcintosh Carriage Co Catalogue 1890 (136 pages)

17. Modern carriages (188 pages)

18. The history of coaches (214 pages)

19. A treatise on carriages- Vol 1 (325 pages)

20. A treatise on carriages- Vol 2 (421 pages)

Plus receive a surprise bonus 20 ebooks & catalogs!

These surprise bonus ebooks include more books on carriage & wagon making, carriage painting, carriage history & more carriage builders catalogs.

That's a total of 40 ebooks on CD!



  • All our books come with a printed disk 
  • Your order will be posted within 24-48 hours of payment being received.
  • The Ebooks will be sent to you on a computer CD.
  • All of the Ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
  • You will need a PDF reader to view the Ebooks
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from
  • If you want more information about the Ebooks then please contact us

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