FARSI language medical phrases terms Farsi-English : Book & Audio DVD


English-Farsi Medical Phrases Course on DVD

This is an English-Farsi medical phrases course on DVD that includes audio lessons and student text. The language course was developed by the United States government. The course is designed as a "language survival" course and covers many important medical topics.

The topics covered in the course include:

1: Introduction
2: Surgery instructions
3: Neurology
4: Guidance
5: Pain interview
6: Exam commands
7: Registration
8: Medicine interview
9: Caregiver
10: Assessment
11: Orthopedic
12: Post-op/prognosis
13: Surgical consent
14: Obstetrics/gynecology
15: Medical conditions
16: Trauma
17: Pediatrics
18: Pharmaceutical issues
19: Procedures
20: Cardiology
21: Diseases
22: Foley
23: Ophthalmology

Contents of the course include:

Student text: 23 Lessons ~ 98 pages  (PDF Format)

Audio files:  646 audio files to accompany the text (MP3 format)

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