Helicopter Flying Manuals books Manual Catalogs rotorcraft Video & Bonuses DVD


Helicopter flying manuals and reference books plus bonuses


22 helicopter and rotacraft books and catalogs on dvd plus bonuses

This is a fantastic collection of ebooks including helicopter flying manuals, technical books,

helicopter military manuals and helicopter history as well as helicopter safety pamphlets for pilots

and a bonus helicopter 1950's video you can watch on your computer.

Also included is a gyroplane handbook.

These books and catalogs are USA based but still a wealth of knowledge for people interested

in helicopters who reside in other countries.

These ebooks are digital copies (PDF format) of books published both recently and in the past. 

The ebooks include 100's of pages of information  and include

detailed illustrations about flying helicopters and

how helicopters work (technical information) as well as history of the helicopter

and it's use in different situations. 

You will receive the Ebooks in PDF format on one DVD disc.

Just look at what you get in this great collection

1.      Gyroplane flying handbook (2000)

2.      Helicopter Flying Handbook (2012)

3.      Helicopter Instructors Handbook (2012)

4.      Sikorsky Helicopter Flight Theory for Pilots and Mechanics (1964)

5.      Introduction to Autogyros, Helicopters, and other V/Stol aircraft Vol 1 (2011)

6.      Introduction to Autogyros, Helicopters, and other V/Stol aircraft Vol 2 (2012)

7.      A History of Rotocraft (2010)

8.      Whirlybirds,US Marine Helicopters in Korea

9.      Marines and Helicopters (1946-62)

10.  Marines and Helicopters (1962-73)


If you order now you will receive 12 bonus helicopter books & catalogs. These books & catalogs contain 100's more pages with detailed illustrations.

That's a total of  22 ebooks & ecatalogs

plus you will receive the ebooks health and safety pamphlets for pilots

as well as a wonderful 1950's helicopter video for playing on your computer 

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

  • All our ebooks come with a printed disk 
  • Your order will be posted within 24-48 hours of payment being received.
  • The ebooks will be sent to you on a computer DVD.
  • All of the ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
  • You will need a PDF reader to view the ebooks
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from http://www.adobe.com/reader
  • If you want more information about the ebooks then please contact us


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