Horse Training & Care, Horse Breeds and Historical Information 150 books on DVD


Horse Information Classic Library of 150 books in electronic
(ebooks on a dvd disk you can read and print).

These are
Horse training books, horse care books and breed books and historical horse information on DVD -

Train Your Own Horse...

Learn more about the basics of horse training, care and shoeing from this collection of 150 books on DVD.
These classic books contain information relevant today about horse training as well as some wonderful
books about horse history and care.

There is a wealth of information in these books on horse care, shoeing and training
from the 18th and 19th centuries. This collection is a great addition to anyone's library.

Disclaimer: **Please note these books are classic vintage books about horses and while much of the horse training information is still valid, for any information on the care and treatment of your horse for ill health, please consult a veterinarian and do not attempt to treat the horse yourself (this goes for all animals, always consult your veterinarian if your pet is sick).

These books are dated and while there is much interesting historical information on the physiology of the horse, medical treatment of horses has changed a lot over time since these books were written and we recommend consulting your veterinarian if you are seeking information on treatment of disease for your horse**.

This  collection includes:

1) The Arabian art of taming and training horses (44 pages)

2) The Horse: Its Treatment in Health and Disease - Volumes 1 to 9  (9 Books in Total)

3) The art of horse shoeing (148 pages)

4) The art of taming and educating horses (1194 pages)

5) The art of taming horses (270 pages)

6) The Beginner's Guide to Horse Training

7) The care of horses (132 pages)

8) Jesse Beery’s Practical System of Colt Training (1890) – By Jesse Beery (200 pages)

9) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 1 – Colt Training (67 pages)

10) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 2 – Disposition and Subjection (52 pages)

11) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 3 – Kicking and baulking (40 pages)

12) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 4 – Shying and running away (38 pages)

13) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 5 – Bad to shoe and halter pulling (44 pages)

14) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 6 – Promiscuous vices (39 pages)

15) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 7 – Overcoming special fears (41 pages)

16) Prof. Beery’s Mail Order Course Horsemanship Book 8 – Teaching Tricks (51 pages)

17) Rational horse shoeing (80 pages)

18)Horse Education: A Treatise in the Origin, Characteristics, and Training (1890) – By: Thomas J. Murray ( 286 pages)

19)A plain treatise of horse shoeing (92 pages)

20)Breaking and Training Horses (1904) – By: Frank Townend Barton (208 pages)

21)Care and Training of Trotters and Pacers (1915) – By: Daniel J. Campau ( 184 pages)

22)Curb, Snaffle, and Spur: A Method of Training Young Horses for the Cavalry Service, and for General Use Under the Saddle (1894) – By: Edward L. Anderson ( 140 pages)

23)Horses Saddles and Bridles (1906) – By: William H. Carter ( 426 pages)

24)Feeding Farm Work Horses (1911) – By: Rufus C. Obrecht ( 44 pages)

25)First-Hand Bits of Stable Lore (1903) – By: Francis M. Ware ( 358 pages)

26)Gleason’s Horse Book (1892) – By: Prof. Oscar R. Gleason ( 532 pages)

27)Hand-Book on the Treatment of the Horse in the Stable and on the Road or Hints to

28)Hints on horses (108 pages)

29)Hints to Horse-Keepers, A Complete Manual for Horsemen (1859) – By: Henry William Herbert ( 490 pages)

30)Horse Owners (1873) – By: Charles Wharton ( 150 pages)

31)Horse Training by Modern Methods (1912) – By: Allan Melvill Pope ( 96 pages)

32)Horses (1917) – By: Roger Pocock ( 272 pages)

33)Horses and Horsemastership (1909) – By: Captain Thos. A. Polson ( 236 pages)

34)Confessions of a Horse Dealer (1861) – By: Frederick Taylor ( 312 pages)

35)Horses and Riding (1877) – By: George Nevile ( 238 pages)

36)Horses and Stables (1911) – By: Sir F. Fitzwygram, Bart ( 646 pages)

37)Horses Past and Present (1900) – By: Sir Walter Gilbey ( 122 pages)

38)Horses: The Naturalist’s Library (1900) – By: Charles Hamilton Smith ( 388 pages)

39)How to Ride and School a Horse (1881) – By: Edward L. Anderson ( 176 pages)

40)Shoeing and balancing the light harness horse (112 pages)

41)The taming of horses (72 pages)

42)The training and breaking of horses (424 pages)

43)Veterinary medicine: the diseases of horses

44)Horse Safety Guidelines USDA

45)Sound and Unsound horses (1900)

46)The Habit and the Horse

47)The Horse and How to Care for Him

48)Saddle Horse Complete Guide (1891)

49)Rational Horse Shoeing

50)Points on buying a horse


That’s a total of 58 books including the set of 9 books in the 9 Volume set - The horse it’s treatment in health and disease.


Plus we are adding 92 Bonus books on horse training, care and historical information

about horses


That’s a total of 150 classic books about Horse Training, Care and Information

This is the best Library of Horse information you will find on one DVD.

Buy now to receive your Library of Horse information today and start reading
these wonderful books about horse training, care and breeds as well as historical
information about horses.


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