How to make Kites, kite making, kite plans and designs : 20 Books on CD


How to make and fly Kites

20 classic books on CD

Now  YOU can learn the techniques of kite-making from the comfort of
your own home with this collection of 20 books on CD.

This EBook collection includes 100's of pages of information about all aspects of how to make all different types of kites. The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries.

Note to buyers.. we made a kite using the directions given in one of these books and it flew well. However, the

person in our house who made the kite is good at making things and did not need a cut out plan to cut around

(similar to a dress making plan). One of the books in our pack offers measurements and sketches to follow and

also some scaling for some plans. If you need a cut out premade plan for a kite (similar to a pattern to cut

around), these books are not for you but if you are looking for basic information on kite making including

instructions that give measurements and sketches (which we were able to use ourselves) then you should find the

basic plans workable. (This note is added as one of buyers had hoped for what sounded like plans that were ready

made to cut around which these books do not include. If you are looking for those ready made plans, you might

find them in a bookshop that features childrens books, hobbies and do it yourself books).
You will receive the following books on CD:

    Book 1. Kitecraft and kite tournaments (164 pages)

Book 2. Parakites - The secrets of tailless kites (134 pages)

  Book 3. The construction and flying of kites (44 pages)

  Book 4. Kites - how to make and fly them (55 pages)

  Book 5. A treatise on the æropleustic art, or navigation in the air by means of kites, or buoyant sails (81 pages)

  Book 6. A monograph on the mechanics and equilibrium of kites (80 pages)

  Book 7. 25 Kites that fly (136 pages)

  Book 8. Talks to boys and girls - Kite talks (137 pages)


Plus if you order now you will receive 12 surprise bonus ebooks on kite making.

These bonus ebooks contain 100’s more pages of information on kite making including detailed diagrams and illustrations.

That’s a total of 20 ebooks.

  • All our books come with a printed disk
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  • The Ebooks will be sent to you on a computer CD.
  • All of the Ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
  • You will need a PDF reader to view the Ebooks
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  • If you want more information about the Ebooks then please contact us


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