Hunting and Trapping Animals Wild Game Animals 220 Books on DVD


Hunting and Trapping 220 books on DVD

Now YOU can learn about Hunting and Trapping as well as
reading about the experiences and techniques used by hunters and trappers from different countries in this classic collection of Hunting and Trapping Classic books on DVD.

This EBook collection contains 100's of pages of information about all aspects of hunting and trapping and includes some illustrations

The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Just look at what you get in this great collection:

You will receive the following 40 ebooks about hunting and trapping on DVD

A century of English fox-hunting (1900)
ABC of fox hunting consisting of 26 coloured illustrations (1870)
Advice on fox-hunting (1906)
American big game in its haunts the book of the Boone and Crockett club (1904)
American big-game hunting (1901)
American duck shooting (1901)
American game bird shooting (1882)
American game-bird shooting (1910)
American pheasant breeding and shooting (1916)
American wild-fowl shooting (1879)
An introduction to fox-hunting (1911)
Wolf and coyote trapping (1909)
Bear-hunting in the White mountains (1891)
Big game hunting for boys, North America and Asia (1907)
Big game shooting (1895) Volume 1
Big game shooting (1895) Volume 2
Big game shooting in Alaska (1904)
Big Game Shooting in Upper Burma (1911)
Big game shooting on the equator (1908)
Bird hunting on the White Nile a naturalist's experiences in the Sudan (1902)
My sixty years on the plains, trapping, trading and Indian fighting (1901)
Weasels, trapping, raising and preparing skins for market (1910)
Science of trapping (1909)
Steel traps (1907)
The accomplished muskrat trapper (1922)
The amateur trapper a complete guide to the arts of trapping, snaring and netting (1917)
The art of trapping (1917)
The complete hunter's and sportsman's manual and trapper's guide (1903)
The hunter and trapper (1869 )
The Newhouse trapper's guide (1914)
The sportsman's guide to the northern lakes with hints on fishing, hunting, and trapping (1885)
The story of the trapper 1902
The trapper's companion (1919)
The trappers guide , a manual of instruction (1869)
Tony Alexanders practical Hunters and trappers guide (1887)
Trapping (1921)
Trapping as a profession trapping grounds of North America (1922)
Twenty years on the trap line (1891)
Weasels, trapping, raising and preparing skins for market (1910)
Fox trapping (1906) 


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