Knots knotting splicing rigging 16 vintage knots books and manuals on CD


16 Vintage knots, splicing and rigging books on CD.

This is the best pack of knots books any enthusiast could desire.

From a US Military Manual to rare books packed with diagrams

and illustrations of how to tie knots as well as information about
the best practices in splicing and rigging, we are sure

you will enjoy reading and learning from these wonderful books.

Titles included in this pack are as follows:

US Army Rigging Manual  1995 (184 pages)

Knots Splices and Rope Work - A practical Treatise -A Hyatt Verrille - 156 Illustrations and 39 pages

Knots, Ties & Splices - A handbook for seafarers,travellers and all who use cordage J Tom Burgess (117 pages)

Knots and Splices by Captain N. Jutsum (94 pages)  

Knotting and Splicing Ropes and Cordage (166 pages) (Practical Manual)

Modern Hemp Flax and Jute Spinning and Twisting by Herbert Carter (267)

Small yacht construction and rigging by Linton Hope (181 pages)

Rope and Twine Information by AL Sykes (86 pages)

The Kedge Anchor (466 pages)

The Use of Ropes and Tackle by H J Dana (82 pages)  


Plus 6 surprise bonuses full of information and diagrams of knots and rigging.

Many of these books are vintage books from the late 1800's and early 1900's

except for the army manual which is a revised edition.

Buy this pack now and enjoy these wonderful books on knots, splicing and rigging!


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