Learn how to build construct heat & manage greenhouse green house 16 books on CD


Learn how to build and heat a greenhouse
16 Books on CD
This is a collection of greenhouse construction, heating and management books on CD. The ebook collection includes 100's of pages of information on all aspects of greenhouse building, heating and more.
Just look at what you get in this great collection:
Book 1. Building Your Own Greenhouse
The eBook, “Building Your Own Greenhouse,” simplifies the task of greenhouse building and maintenance. The tips that this eBook presents not only inform you about the various types of greenhouses, but also about greenhouse equipment. In addition, it offers valuable tips on growing amazing greenhouse plants.

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

How Does A Greenhouse Capture Heat?
Types Of Greenhouses
Tools And Materials For Your Greenhouse
Greenhouse Tables, Shelving And Plant Holders
Tips For Your Greenhouse
Learn The Benefits Of Greenhouse Gardening
Managing The Greenhouse Climate
Gardening Inside The Greenhouse
Greenhouse Kits For Plant Enthusiasts
Create A Warm And Suitable Environment For Growth With Greenhouse Plastic
Greenhouses: Where The Grass Is Green All Year-Round
What Makes Up The Greenhouse Structure?
Know Your Greenhouse Supplies
Equipments You’ll Need For A More Productive Greenhouse
Supplies Needed For Your Greenhouse
What Every Gardener Needs To Know About Greenhouse Systems
How Does A Greenhouse Work: The Benefits That Can Be Derived From Its Operations
The Purposes Of Hydroponics Greenhouses
What You Get From Lean-To Greenhouses
Thinking Of Buying A Greenhouse?
Guidelines For Constructing Your Commercial Greenhouse
5 Essentials For A Commercial Greenhouse
Greenhouse Accessories And Their Utility Fertilization Of Greenhouse Crops
Heating Up A Greenhouse
Maintaining Humidity Levels Inside A Greenhouse
Building An Easy And Cost-effective Greenhouse On Your Back Yard
The Business Relationship Between Farmers And Greenhouse Manufacturers
Choosing And Comparing Greenhouse Panels
And Much More...

Book 2. 51 Greenhouse gardening tips (includes Audio book)

In this ebook you’ll learn…

  • Why start a greenhouse

  • Types of greenhouse structures

  • Where to put your greenhouse

  • Controlling the temperature in your greenhouse

  • What type of coverings to use

This ebook also contains an audio version (mp3 format) so you can listen and follow the text as you go along.

Plus receive 14 bonus vintage books on greenhouse construction, heating and management.

These ebooks on greenhouse construction, heating & management are classic books originally published in the early 18th and 19th centuries. 

 The titles of these books include:

1.  The green-house as a winter garden, a manual for the amateur (1869)

2.  The amateur's greenhouse and conservatory a handy guide to the construction and management of planthouses, and the selection, cultivation, and improvement of ornamental greenhouse and conservatory plants (1873)

3.  Plant culture; a working handbook of every day practice for all who grow flowering and ornamental plants in the garden and greenhouse (1921, 4th edition)

4.  How to grow cut flowers. A practical treatise on the cultivation of the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, voilet, and other winter flowering plants. Also greenhouse construction (1893).

5.  Greenhouse management. A manual for florists and flower lovers on the forcing of flowers, vegetables and fruits in greenhouses, and the propagation and care of house plants (1911)

6.  Greenhouse construction; a complete manual on the building, heating, ventilating and arrangement of greenhouses, and the construction of hotbeds, frames and plant pits (1911 edition)

7.    Greenhouse construction and heating (1901)

8.   Gardening indoors and under glass; a practical guide to the planting, care and propagation of house plants, and to the construction and management of hotbed, cold-frame and small greenhouse (1912)

9.  Dean's system of greenhouse heating by steam or hot water, with formulas for obtaining different temperatures (1901)

10.   Choice stove and greenhouse flowering plants, comprising descriptions of upwards of thirteen hundred species and varieties (1883)

11. The book of the greenhouse (1908)

12. The unheated greenhouse (1907)

13. Plant propagation : greenhouse and nursery practice (1916)

14. Hand-book of garden & greenhouse culture in Tasmania (1884)


That's a total of 16 books on CD.




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