Learn to play the GUITAR and learn guitar tab & music : 14 books manuals on CD


Learn to play the guitar

14 Books on CD

This is a great collection of guitar playing instruction books on CD. The books cover how to learn guitar for beginners and include a basic introduction to guitar, how to learn the guitar in 7 days and how to learn the basics of guitar over night. Also included are some books on learning to read music and how to make a living as a musician. There are also some wonderful vintage guitar instruction and song books that are included in this collection.

The ebooks contain 100's of pages of information and include photos and illustrations.  

You will receive the Ebooks in PDF format on one CD-ROM disc.

Just look at what you get in this amazing pack:

Book 1. Learn How to Play Guitar (65 pages)

Contents of this book include:

Preface   *

Introduction   1

Choice of Guitar   2

Main Parts of the Guitar   3

Lesson 1 Tuning the Guitar   4

Basic Terms and Symbols in Music   5

Lesson 2 The Notation of Rhythms   6

Lesson 3 Rhythmic Exercises   8

Lesson  4 Terms and Symbols in Guitar Music 9

Learning Pitches on the Guitar 10

Notes on the High E-String (first string) 11

Lesson 5 Notes on the B-String (second string) 12

Dotted Rhythms 12

Lesson 6 Notes on the B and E-Strings 13

Lesson 7 Notes on the G-String (third string) 14

Lesson 8 Notes on the D-String (fourth string) 15

Lesson 9 Notes on the G and D-Strings 16

Lesson 10 Notes on the A-String (fifth string) 17

Lesson 11 Notes on the low E-String (sixth string) 18

Note Drill 19

Lesson 12 Accidentals 20

Lesson 13 Rests 23

Lesson 14 Reading Guitar Music in 2 to 4 Parts 24

Reference Sheet 26

Lesson 15 Two Beginning Pieces 27

Lesson 16 Key Signatures 28

Lesson 17 Self Test 29

Lesson 18 Scarborough Fair 30

Prelude in D Major 31

Lesson 19 Exercises for the Development of Rhythm 32

Lesson 20 TwoSelected Classical Pieces 34

Lesson 21 Scales 38

Lesson 22 Slurs 40

Lesson 23 Basic Chords 41

House of the Rising Sun 42

Lesson 24 Advanced Tuning Techniques 43

Lesson 25 Finding Notes on the Fret Board 44

Lesson 26 Classical Guitar Pieces 45

Lesson 27 Guitar Repertoire Selections 52

Answers to Exercises

Book 2. Learn the guitar (25 pages)

Contents of this book include:

Chapter 1 – Unleashing the Guitar Hero in You! 3
Chapter 2 – Guitar Basics 4 Guitar  Structure 5                      
Chapter 3 – Guitar Positioning and Tuning 7
Tuning Your Guitar 8                                                       
Chapter 4 – Ways to Tune Your Guitar 9
Chapter 5 – Playing Notes and Chords 11
Chapter 6 –Scales and Playing Your First Song 14
Chapter 7 – Practice 16
Chapter 8 – Before You Buy Your First Guitar 17
Chapter 9 – Purchasing Your First Guitar 19
Chapter 10 –Buying a Guitar Online 22
Chapter 11 – Earning Money with Your Guitar 24
Chapter 12 – Conclusion 25

Book 3. Master the guitar in 7 Days (71 pages)

Contents of this book include:

Day 1 Pgs 4-12
Fundamentals of Your Guitar
Hand & Finger Basics

Day 2 – Review of Day 1 (Practice “For What it's Worth”) Pgs 13-21
Open Chords
Major open chords
Minor open chords
Dominant 7th major chords
Major 7th open chords
Diminished chords
Augmented chords

Day 3 – Review of Day 1 - 2
(Practice “Hurt”) Pgs 22-37
Beginning Theory
Major scales
Minor scales
Harmonic minor scales
Melodic minor scales

Day 4 – Review of Day 1 - 3 Pgs 38-45
Beginning Theory Cont.
Key signature glossary
Notation & other music symbols

Day 5 – Review of Day 1 - 4 Pgs 46-47

Day 6 – Review of Day 1 - 5
(Practice “Hey There Delilah”) Pgs 48-64
CAGED system for barre chords
E & A Forms
Power chords
Strumming Patterns

Day 7 – Review all Days
(Practice “Seven Nation Army”) Pgs 65-71
Time to Play

Book 4. Teach yourself guitar over night (8 pages)

Contents of this book include:

How to hold the guitar
How to play the very popular riff for ‘Smoke on the Water’
How to play a ‘major scale’ which is the foundation for modern music.
How to play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’
How to read Guitar TAB

Book 5. Guitar chord and scale book (47 pages)
  •     Get started playing guitar with this detailed guitar chord and scale book.
  •     This book will show you how to play Major, Minor, and Seventh guitar chords.
  •     Each chord is shown at three different positions on the guitar neck, for a total of 108 chords.
  •     A chord explanation chart is provided.
  •     Next there are diagrams for 42 popular guitar scales including Major, Pentatonic Major, Blues Major, Minor, Pentatonic Minor, and Blues Minor scales.
  •     Scale study is essential for improvising, soloing and composing.
  •     Last but not least this book will show you some very common strumming patterns.
  •     The book contains 47 pages.
  •     This Ebook is in .Pdf format so you can view it on a Mac or a PC.
  •     The book is fully printable for easy reference.
Book 6. Guitar chords (23 pages)

Book 7.
How to tune a Guitar (8 pages)

Book 8. Learn to read music (9 pages)

Book 9. How to make a living as a musician (17 pages)

Books 10 - 14. Vintage guitar instruction books  (250+ pages)

These are some wonderful vintage books on guitar playing and guitar chords originally published in the late 18th
and early 19th centuries.
They contain instructions for the guitar, information about guitar chords as well as
some nice guitar songs.

That's a total of  14 ebooks

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