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Become a Magician:

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44 Books on DVD 

This is a fantastic collection of vintage magic tricks books on DVD (PDF format).  The vintage ebooks are high quality copies of the original books written in late 18th and 19th centuries. With these books you will learn the secrets of famous magicians and illusionists such as Houdini. You will receive the following ebooks in this great collection:

1.    Having fun with magic for pleasure or profit


This is a modern book on magic tricks and how to become
a magician. Topics covered in this ebook include:

Should you become an amateur or professional magician?

Do you need an agent?

The business side of magic shows:  Microphones and other sound equipment

The business side of magic shows: Promotional materials

The business side of magic shows: The media and advertising

The business side of magic shows: Liability insurance

The business side of magic shows: Finding your gigs

The business side of magic shows: What about costumes & makeup?

Should you have an assistant?

Learning the tricks: Buy or make your props

Learning the tricks: Handkerchief Tricks

Learning the tricks: Box Tricks

Learning the tricks: Paper Tricks

Learning the tricks: Rope Tricks

Learning the tricks: Other Miscellaneous Tricks

The remaining books (books 2 to 44) are vintage books covering all aspects of magic & magic tricks:

 2.    Magic no mystery ; conjuring tricks with cards, balls, and dice, magic writing, performing animals, etc., etc. (346 pages)

3.    Different magic (24 pages)

4.    Hindu magic : an expose of the tricks of the yogis and fakirs of India (56 pages)

5.    Magic; stage illusions and scientific diversions (584 pages)

6.    The magic art  (244 pages)

7.    The art of magic (368 pages)

8.    Fifty years in the magic circle; being an account of the author's professional life; his wonderful tricks and feats; with laughable incidents, and adventures as a magician, necromancer, and ventriloquist (488 pages)

9.    The old and the new magic (411 pages)

10.    Miscellaneous tricks with handkerchiefs : including a fifteen minute act with silks (48 pages)

11.    Conjuring for amateurs; a practical treatise on how to perform modern tricks (142 pages)

12.    Sleights; being a number of incidental effects, tricks, sleights, moves and passes, for purposes ranging from impromptu to platform performances (44 pages)

13.    Magic up to date, or, Shaw's magical instructor  (124 pages)

14.    Secrets of the great mysteries now revealed for the first time : handcuffs, iron box, iron bottle, iron boiler, coffin, rope chair, mail bag, band box, tramp chair, glass case, paper bag, packing case, straight jacket : a complete guide and reliable authority on all tricks. Full explanation of how the various tricks are performed, with diagrams and illustrations (96 pages)

15.    Some modern conjuring; a series of original experiments in the magic art (104 pages)

16.    Peerless prestidigitation : being a collection of entirely new ideas and effects in the fascinating art of modern magic  (46 pages)

17.    New and original magic : comprising a number of novel and entertaining effects, a fund of information for the professional artist and his younger brother, the amateur (216 pages)

18.    "Trix and chatter"; a novelty-serio-comic-magicologue (296 pages)

19.    Stage illusions (126 pages)

20.    Practical conjuring  (32 pages)

21.    Magical suggestions  (58 pages)

22.    The magician's own book, or The whole art of conjuring (400 pages)

23.    Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, ambassador, author, and conjuror (386 pages)

24.    Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena (173 pages)

25.    On the other side of the footlights, an expose of routines, apparatus and deceptions resorted to by mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and crystal gazers in deluding the public (136 pages)

26.    Indian conjuring (144 pages)

27.    The unmasking of Robert-Houdin (373 pages)

28.    New Era Card Tricks (301 pages)

29.    Si Stedbbins card tricks and the way they are performed (24 pages)

30.    Sealed mysteries : explaining the latest card mysteries and spirit tricks made public for the first time, with directions for constructing trick cards (44 pages)


Plus if you order now you will receive 14 bonus books on magic and magics tricks. These books contain 100's more pages of information on all aspects of magic tricks.

That's a total of 44 ebooks


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