Native American Indian stories, folklore, myths and legends 100 books on DVD


Native American Indian folklore, stories, myths and legends

100 Books on DVD

This is a fantastic collection of Native American Indian stories, legends, myths and folklore books on DVD.

The ebooks are digital copies (PDF format) of the original books published in the late 18th to early 19th centuries. The ebooks include 100's of pages of information and include photos and illustrations.

You will receive the following ebooks on DVD (PDF format).

1. Tales Of The Cochiti Indians
2. Pueblo Indian Folk Stories
3. The Traditions Of The Hopi
4. Traditions Of The North American Indians Vol 1
5. Zuni Folk Tales
6. Maidu Texts
7. Myths And Legends Of California
8. Myths And Legends Sioux
9. History Of The Ottawa And Chippewa
10. Miwok Myths
11. Myths of the Cherokee
12. Pomo Bear Doctors
13. Death And Funeral Customs Among The Omahas
14. A Saboba Origin Myth
15. Two Myths
16. The Navajo Indians
17. Tlingit Myths And Texts
18. Tales And Traditions Of The Eskimo
19. Creation Myths Of Primitive America
20. Old Indian Legends
21. Yana Texts
22. Indian Heroes
23. The Iroquois Book Of Rites
24. The Walam Olum
25. Some Western Shoshoni Myths
26. The Soul Of The Indian
27. The Indian Fairy Book
28. Indians Of The Yosemite Valley
29. Mythology Of The Mission Indians
30. Origin Myth Of Acoma
31. Jicarilla Apache Texts
32. Noqoilpi The Gambler
33. Traditions Of The North American Indians Vol 2
34. Eskimo Folk
35. The Mountain Chant Navajo Ceremony
36. Indian Games
37. The North American Indian
38. The Book Of The People Popul Vuh
39. Many Swans
40. Indian Myths Of South Central California
41. The Way Of An Indian
42. Coos Texts
43. Aw Aw Tam Indian Nights
44. The Jessup North Pacific Expedition
45. Kwakiutl Tales
46. The Dawn Of The World
47. Blackfeet Indian Stories
48. Navajo Texts Goddard
49. The Mythology Of The Dieguenos
50. Legends And Myths Of The Aboriginal Indians
51. Seneca Indian Myths
52. The Lore And The Lure Of The Yosemite
53. The Legend Of Tauquitch And Algoot
54. Truth Of A Hopi
55. Haida Songs
56. Traditions Of The North American Indians Vol 3
57. American Indian Life
58. The Cherokee Doctor
59. Origin Myths Of The Navaho Indians
60. In Red Mans Land
61. Personal Memoirs
62. Iroquoian Cosmology
63. Dancing Gods
64. American Indian Stories
65. Folklore And Legends
66. Tales Of The North American Indians
67. The Algonquin Legends Of New England
68. Mythical Sandpainting Of The Navajo
69. In The Beginning
70. Navajo Origin Legend
71. Legends Traditions And Laws Of The Iroquois
72. Indian Why Stories
73. Achomawi And Atsugewi Tales
74. Indian Boyhood
75. Indian Games And Dances
76. Tsimshian Texts 2
77. Navajo Creation Myth
78. The Myth Of Hiawatha
79. An Inquiry Into The Animism And Folklore
80. The Code Of Handsome Lake
81. Chinook Texts
82. The Cherokee Ball Play
83. The Delight Makers
84. Myths And Tales
85. The Myths Of Mexico And Peru
86. The Religion Of The Indians Of California
87. American Indian Freemasonry
88. Hupa Texts
89. Narratives Of The Rites And Laws Of The Yncas
90. Sacred Formulas Of The Cherokee
91. Old Indian Days
92. Mission Memories
93. The Book Of Chilam Balam
94. Navaho Myths, Prayers And Songs
95. Chinigchinich
96. Ceremonies And Traditions Of The Diegueno Indians
97. The Story Of The Chaup
98. Rig Veda Americanus
99. Tsimshian Texts
100. Cherokee Recipes


That's a total of 100 ebooks on DVD!



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