Play and playing the flute , repair flutes, tune & learn flute history


Build, repair, tune, play flutes & learn flute history

4 Vintage Books on CD Disk

This is a collection of vintage flute construction, repair, tuning, flute playing and flute history books on CD. The ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries and contain 100's of pages of information and illustrations on flute construction, tuning, repair, flute playing & flute history.

You will receive the following Ebooks on a CD-ROM disc:

1. An essay on the construction of flutes ~ 98 pages

A classic book written about the Bohm flute. This book explains the principles on which the Bohm Flute was constructed.

2. The flute and flute-playing in acoustical, technical, and artistic aspects  ~ 138 pages  

This book includes information about flute proportions and dimensions, finger placements, material required to construct flutes, how to repair and tune flutes, flute playing etc. Illustrations and diagrams are included.  The contents of this book are as follows:

Part I — The Flute

I. Introduction 1

II. The Acoustical Proportions of the Flute 6

III. Explanation of the Schema 30

IV. The Material 39

V. The System of Fingering:

(a) General Description 33

(&) The Git Key 35

VI. Tables of Fingerings 39

VII. Description of the Key Mechanism 45

VIII. Care of the Mechanism :

(a) Repairs 52

(6) The Keys 53

(c) The Key Pads 56

(d) The Springs 58

(e) The Cork in the Head Joint 60

IX. Treatment of the Flute in General 61

X. The Embouchure 64

XI. On the Blowing of New Flutes 66

XII. The Bass Flute in G:

(a) Its Musical Characteristics 67

(6) Mechanism of the Bass Flute 68

(c) Special Fingerings for the Bass Flute... 70

Part II — Flute-Playing

XIII. The Development of Tone 72

XIV. Finger Exercises 75

XV. The Method of Practicing 77

XVI. Musical Interpretation 80

XVII. Conclusion 94

Index 97

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