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Poultry care and poultry houses
150 Books on 1 DVD Disc

A huge library of books covering all aspects of poultry keeping!

This collection of ebooks covers all aspects of poultry care, poultry
health and diseases, poultry breeds, poultry houses etc.

This ebook collection includes 1000's of pages of information.
The Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early
18th and 19th centuries.

There are far too many books to list here but this is just
a small sample of what you will get in this great collection:


        Book 1. Biggle poultry book (178 pages)
Book 2. The book of poultry (833 pages)
Book 3.
Burnham's poultry book (393 pages)
Book 4. Illustrated book of poultry (428 pages)
Book 5. Poultry breeds & management (418 pages)
Book 6. Homemade poultry appliances
(154 pages)
Book 7. Wrights book of poultry (787 pages)
Book 8. Making a poultry house (79 pages)
Book 9. Poultry craft: a text book for poultry keepers (276 pages)
Book 10. Domestic fowl and ornamental poultry (97 pages)
Book 11. The international poultry book (289 pages)
Book 12. Origins and history of all breeds of poultry (89 pages)
Book 13. Secrets in fowl breeding (63 pages)
Book 14. Races of domestic poultry (270 pages)
Book 15. Poultry for prizes (233 pages)
Book 16. Old English game fowl: its history, description, management, breeding and feeding (80 pages)
Book 17. Game fowls: their origin and history (310 pages)
Book 18. Pleasurable poultry keeping (261 pages)
Book 19. American breeds of poultry (260 pages)
Book 20. Diseases of poultry (364 pages)

You will receive altogether 150 books on 1 DVD disc.

  • All our books come with a printed disk
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  • The Ebooks will be sent to you on 1 DVD disc.
  • All of the Ebooks are in PDF format and are easily searchable.
  • You will need a PDF reader to view the Ebooks
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from http://www.adobe.com/reader
  • If you want more information about the Ebooks then please contact us


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