RUSSIAN language basic short phrases course: Audio + Text on DVD


Russian: Language Basic Short Phrases Course on DVD

This is a basic Russian language course on DVD that includes audio lessons and student text. The language course was developed by the United States government.

The Russian course was written for visitors to Kazakhstan where Russian is spoken and is suitable for all Russian language learners.

The language course includes basic words, greetings, phrases and sentences.

Contents of the course include:

Student text: 14 Lessons ~ 14 pages (PDF format)

Audio files: 15 audio files to accompany text (MP3 format)

The topics covered in this course include:

1. Brief Introduction to the Russian Language
2. Russian Alphabet
3. Greetings (How to greet and respond to greetings)
4. How to ask people about themselves and how to say something about yourself
5. How to be polite
6. How to agree and disagree
7. How to talk about your language abilities
8. How to ask questions
9. How to ask if something you want is available
10. The use of questions "Can I / May I?"
11. How to express your wishes
12. How to express likes and food preferences
13. How to react to a knock on the door
14. How to count

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