SINHALA language Introductory Course Audio + Text Book on DVD


Sinhala Language Introductory 200 Hour Familiarization
Course on DVD

This is a Sinhala language course on DVD that includes audio lessons and student text. The language course was developed by the United States government and is
called a "200 hour familiarization course".

Contents of the course include:

Student text: 20 Lessons ~ 307 pages  (PDF Format)

Audio files:  1460 audio files to accompany the text (MP3 format)

The topics covered in this course include the following:

Lesson 1 People and Geography
Lesson 2 Living and Working
Lesson 3 Days of the Week, Numbers, Ages of People
Lesson 4 Daily Activities
Lesson 5 Meeting the Family
Lesson 6 Around Town
Lesson 7 Shopping
Lesson 8 Eating Out
Lesson 9 Holidays, Customs, and Cultural Traditions
Lesson 10 Around the House
Lesson 11 Weather and Seasons
Lesson 12 Personal Appearance
Lesson 13 Transportation
Lesson 14 Travel
Lesson 15 At School
Lesson 16 Recreation and Leisure
Lesson 17 Health and the Human Body
Lesson 18 Political and International Events
Lesson 19 The Military
Lesson 20 In the Hospital

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