TAGALOG language An Introductory Course 5 CD set


Tagalog Language

An Introductory Language Familiarisation course - 5CD set including 3 audio cd's

This is a Tagalog Familiarisation Course of over 200 hours.

The course is designed to familiarise the student with Tagalog language and there are questions and answers to be given as one progresses through the course. This is a modern course with extra educational benefits as well as the student becomes familiar with Tagalog language and the culture of the people of the Philippines. This course offers hours of Tagalog language tuition in the comfort of your own home.

There are over 210 pages in PDF files accompanied by mp3 files . Just click on the Index file and interactive PDF files open so that you can hear the words as the course progresses. This set also includes audio CD's you can play straight away to practice your course. A total of 5 CD's in this course, one traditional familiarisation disk and one data disk with the texts only accompanied by 3 audio disks for easy listening. The main traditional CD disk has a small fault in the interactive mode in that the names of cities are not all read out which is only a minor fault. This fault doesn't happen when using the full audio set.           


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