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Learn about Telescopes with "Pleasures of the Telescope"

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and the solar system

(Astronomy Set 3)

Pleasures of the Telescope is a vintage book about telescopes and how to use them..


A quote from "Pleasures of the Telescope" says "In order to get around the obstacle formed by chromatic aberration it is necessary to make the object glass of a refractor consist of two lenses, each composed of a different kind of glass. One of the most interesting facts in the history of the telescope is that Sir Isaac Newton could see no hope that chromatic aberration would be overcome, and accordingly turned his attention to the improvement of the reflecting telescope and devised a form of that instrument which still goes under his name. And even after Chester More Hall in 1729, and John Dollond in 1757, had shown that chromatic aberration could be nearly eliminated by the combination of a flint-glass lens with one of crown glass, William Herschel, who began his observations in 1774, devoted his skill entirely to the making of reflectors, seeing no prospect of much advance in the power of refractors."

As well as "Pleasures of the Telescope" this set of Astronomy books includes 100 Vintage Astronomy Books to add to your Library of Astronomy Books.
These books are quality scans of original books and include the following

The Story of the Solar System - George F Chambers
From Nebula to Nebula - George H Lepper
Sketches of Creation - Alexander Winchell
The Elements of the four inner planets - Simon Newcomb
The Story of the Sun - Robert S Ball
and 95 more quality Astronomy books (too many to list!).
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