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War time cook books

18 Cook Books on CD-ROM about wartime cooking and how to cook economically

This is a fantastic collection of wartime cook books on CD. These books include 100's of pages of information including detailed illustrations. These Ebooks are high quality copies of the original books from the early 18th and 19th centuries.There are many recipes in this collection to help stretch the household budget further.

This collection of classic wartime cook books includes:

1.    War Time Breads and Cakes (89 pages)

2.    The White House Cookbook (556 pages)

3.    Two hundred and seventy-five war-time recipes (101 pages)

4.    War-time cookery, practical recipes (64 pages)

5.    Economical war time cook book (76 pages)

6.    Miss Parloa's New Cookbook (468 pages)

7.    The record war time cook book (252 pages)

8.    The Boston Cooking School Cookbook (740 pages)

9.    The "Win the war" cook book (182 pages)

10.    Wartime Cookery (28 pages)

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That's a total of Wartime 18 cookbooks on CD.

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