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7 Welding Training Books on CD + 4 Bonuses

This fantastic collection of ebooks includes 7 DIY welding training manuals plus 4 valuable bonus ebooks on related topics. The books have been written by experts from the US defense forces and contain 100's of pages of information, pictures and diagrams on all aspects of welding.

Just look at what you will receive in this fantastic pack:

Book 1: Fundamentals of Professional Welding (213 pages)

This is a professional course in welding covering topics such as properties and uses of metal, basic heat treatment, introduction to welding, gas cutting, gas welding, soldering, brazing, braze welding, and wearfacing and gas shielded-arc welding.

Book 2: Welding Operations I (112 pages)

"The   purpose   of   this   course   is   to   introduce   the   basic   requirements
involved in metal-arc welding operations. The scope of this subcourse consists of describing the classification of electrodes  and their intended uses; describing automotive welding processes,   materials   and   identification   processes;   describing   the methods   of   destructive   and   nondestructive   testing   of   welds   and troubleshooting procedures; describing the type and techniques of joint design;   and   describing   the   theory,   principles,   and   procedures   of welding armor plate" - Preface, Welding Operations I.

Book 3: Welding Operations II (80 pages)

"The purpose of this subcourse is to introduce the student to the inert gas
welding processes, and maintenance of welding equipment.
The scope of this subcourse consists of the inert gas welding principles,
equipment,   and   safety   precautions;   the   gas   metal-welding   principles
operations,   and   equipment   nomenclature;   and   the   procedures   for
troubleshooting and repairing welding equipment"
-Preface, Welding Operations II.

Book 4: Welding Theory and Application (762 pages)

"Welding is any metal joining process wherein coalescence is produced by heating the metal to suitable temperatures , with or without the application of pressure and
with or without the use of filler metals. Basic welding processes are described
and illustrated in this manual. Brazing and soldering, procedures similar to weld–
ing, are also covered".-Preface, Welding Theory and Application

Book 5: Welding - Design Procedures and Inspections (132 pages)

"This document provides criteria and guidance for the design and specification of welded structural components and systems in accordance with current technology, standards and materials. This includes information on design approaches, use of technical manuals, guidance on the application of codes and industry standards, and the design and specification of welded details, inspection and quality. The scope of this document is welding for general building construction for military applications, and does not include underwater, piping, or cryogenic applications, bridges, sheet steels, or the welding of materials other than structural steel. A building is defined as any structure,fully or partially enclosed, used or intended for sheltering persons or property"
-Preface,  Welding- Design Procedures and Inspections

Book 6: Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual (200 pages)

"This manual is intended to provide information on the use of conventional techniques for cutting
and welding metals underwater. It is written for the U.S. Navy diver who specializes in ship sal-
vage and harbor clearance operations. It is not a procedural guide for certifiable welding used in
pre-planned underwater ship husbandry applications".
-Preface, Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual

Book 7: Welding Theory - Welding Symbols (52 pages)

"The purpose of this subcourse is to increase your knowledge of welding symbols and their use on
shop drawings" -Preface, Welding Theory -Welding Symbols

This is a fantastic collection!

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Book 8: Steel Worker Volume I (237 pages)

Steelworker, Volume 1 "consists of chapters on the
following subjects: Properties and Uses of Metal; Basic Heat Treatment;
Introduction to Welding; Gas Cutting; Gas Welding; Soldering, Brazing, Braze
Welding, and Wearfacing; Shielded Metal-Arc Welding and Wearfacing; and Gas
Shielded-Arc Welding".
-Preface, Steel Worker Volume I

Book 9: Steel Worker Volume II (409 pages)

Steelworker, Volume 2, "consists of chapters on the fol-
lowing subjects: Technical Administration; Layout and Fabrication of Sheet Metal

and Fiber-Glass Duct; Structural Steel Terms/Layout and Fabrication of Structural
Steel and Pipe; Fiber Line; Wire Rope; Rigging; Reinforcing Steel; Pre-engineered
Structures: Buildings, K-Spans, Towers, and Antennas; Pre-engineered Storage
Tanks; Pontoons; pre-engineered Structures: Short Airfield for Tactical Support;
and Steelworker Tools and Equipment"
-Preface, Steel Worker Volume II

Book 10: Metal Properties, Characteristics, Uses & Codes (54 pages)

"The purpose of this subcourse is to introduce the student to the
properties of metals, their characteristics, uses and identification
codes.The subcourse provides descriptions of the processes for identifying
the physical and mechanical properties, categories of various metals,
and the processes for using the hardness tester, chemical analysis,
bench grinder, simple shop tests, the numerical index system, and the
color code for identifying various metals".
-Preface, Metal Properties, Characteristics, Uses & Codes

Book 11: Safety and Health Requirements (977 pages)

This manual includes detailed information on how to maintain a safe
work environment. There is information about respiratory
protection, fire protection, oxyfuel gas welding and cutting,
arc welding and cutting and gas metal arc welding.

That's a total of 11 Ebooks

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